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Porto Rotondo, along with Porto Cervo, is certainly one of the most important and popular tourist centres.

It stretches between the Gulfs of Cugnana and Marinella, covering an area of 500 hectares between the headlands of Punta Volpe and Punta Nuraghe in the Municipality of Olbia. The resort of Porto Rotondo was planned in the 1960s and ’70s.

It faces onto an almost circular natural cove, from which the name “Porto Rotondo” is derived. The inlet was a popular destination in ancient times, thanks to its unique location with protection from the prevailing winds. The Romans came to extract granite and take it to Rome for the construction of temples and basilicas. Two such columns were abandoned here, and later erected on bases to indicate the entrance to the marina.

Two Venetian brothers, Nicolo and Luigi Dalle Rose, inspired by the popular fashion for large-scale investment projects, decided to create a harbour and village that would become a “milieu” for artists and intellectuals.

Porto Rotondo is now a world-famous resort, with artists and VIPs coming to stay there every year. The Cri Service Group offers a variety of transportation services in Porto Rotondo, ranging from taxis to luxury rental cars with drivers.

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